Monthly Archives: April 2011

At last…wood floors…a smooth ceiling…and lights!

Wide wood plank floors…now what color to stain? Look a the new ceiling! No more popcorn and beautiful inset light that can be used as focal spots…and they are all on dimmers!

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Laying the sub floor boards

A strong base is put down and I know what it means to have “firm footing.”

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The Escavation

Underneath the carpet…was no floor! There is nothing left. The room has literally been stripped down. It was shocking to realize the reason the floor sloped so radically was that there was never any floor! Beneath the carpet was only … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

I am going to have a facelift. I have been dreaming about if for years. Boring friends with all the “should I” or “shouldn’t I’s.” Now I am ready. I am going for it. I am going to renovate my … Continue reading

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