Today is a Snow Day!

A gift of winter that I relish. As the blizzard rages blowing clumps of snowflakes against the windows and driving frothing waves to shore, I sit nestled in the couch with my dog, reading and writing and sipping green tea. Life is simply great!

It is such a wonderful pleasure to have no where to go…no errands to run…no one expecting me to do something.

A friend called and invited me to hike through the drifts of snow down to the ocean, but I declined. I am enjoying doing nothing but watch the storm as it blusters across the bay.

I follow the philosophy discussed by Eckhart Tolle in “The Power of Now.” I try to practice living in the moment. Being very aware of my surroundings while focusing on what I am doing at this very moment.

Snow days encourage one to slow down and watch the miracle of winter.

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