Spring Cleaning

I am going to have a facelift. I have been dreaming about if for years. Boring friends with all the “should I” or “shouldn’t I’s.” Now I am ready. I am going for it. I am going to renovate my condo.

The time has come. The place is virtually falling apart. I use velcro strips to keep the kitchen cabinets closed. The floor slopes to such a degree that it is a skateboarder’s dream. Step into the plastic tub and it creaks and squeaks as if any moment it will give out and you will find yourself sitting on the downstairs neighbor’s toilet. The carpet is worn and the furniture gives real meaning to “shabby chic.” The slip covers are well-used and the upholstery has a touch of mold spores on the arm rests where summer rains have penetrated the screen doors and drenched. The furniture has turned from white to green…and I don’t mean “environmentally.” It is all going. I am shedding every piece.

I have just handed my savings over to the contractor and he promises (he swears) to get the job done in a month. Jasper and I have moved out. I have rented the apartment next door and I am going to capture and relate every step of this transformation.

In packing up I have to confess I cannot believe that I…a dedicated life long minimalist…have stuff…too much STUFF. Granted…a lot it is good stuff…like Bouchard French candles and Irish linens…but it is still stuff I don’t use. Yet, to give justification, it was used…two apartments ago. Since then I have moved on…carting all these things with me. Well, the STUFF stops here. I am either going to use or lose it.

I am packing it all up…or trying to. I use old newspapers to wrap china, wine glasses and other breakables. The only issue is that I am reading the papers when I should be wrapping. I keep finding fascinating articles that steal my attention…like the piece about Cori Schumacher a top female long boarder who works as a waitress and refuses corporate endorsements because she surfs for the love of it…not to shill stuff. As an advocate for women’s rights she is boycotting the world championships in China. I am in awe. I admire her integrity and think what the heck I am doing?

I am flummoxed by the stuff I don’t know what to do with it. I am overwhelmed. With each cupboard…I discovered even more stuff … really good stuff that I don’t need…yet I can’t seem to let go of.

Please understand I make a point of not saving “good china” and “silver” for “special occasions.” I use good stuff every day. However, over time my taste and needs have changed and my stuff is used and loved for both function and form in my life today. So I haven’t broken out the sterling in over three years because it is such a pain to polish.

I confess though I live the “there is no more special day than today” mantra, I apparently have too much of a good thing and not all these good things are getting the use they deserve. That is about to change. Everything I haven’t touched for two years is going to be sold on eBay or given away. When I enter my renovated abode I will bring only the stuff I use. I mean it! Not only will my place have a new face, but it will be a lot lighter too.

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