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This is a guest blog written by Mary Frisby, my sister-in-law and professional stylist and shopper. She dresses women for any and every event (including me…from office to red carpet) she maximizes my minimalist wardrobe so it works overtime. Her mantra: SHOP YOUR CLOSET! Anyone can get 25-30 completely different looks from a handful of basics.

It’s time we all go on a clothing diet.  Not because we need to, due to the recession or downsizing, but merely for simplicity’s sake!  Now this, coming from a personal shopper who has worked for a major retailer for the past five years, might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but hear me out!   I am not recommending an extreme fast, akin to the sixitemsorless web challenge that popped up last summer, but more of a realistic approach to reducing the amount of clothes we think we need.  The August, 2010 edition of British Vogue, predicted a “seismic shift that will reprogram how we think and feel about the way we want to live.  Simple clothes that slot neatly into real life will resonate with women.”

If this resonates with you, this is a blog that I hope you will find interesting.  “Shop Your Closet”, taking pieces that you own already , and update them with select on trend items that will freshen your wardrobe. And, like every good diet, you need to get rid of those items that are toxic, in other words,  those that no longer fit, are too trendy, or have not been worn in years.

So what to keep?  Well as we move through February and towards a new season (which will arrive – I promise!) let us begin with pants.    One pair of cropped, black pants and one pair of skinny, dark rinse jeans will see you thru snowstorms this month, paired with boots, and then thru spring, with heels or simple ballet flats.   Yes, we’ve heard that  wide legged jeans and pants are making a comeback, but they require careful maneuvering around the inches of slush we’ve been required to navigate currently.  Cropped pants can be tucked into boots far easier, and you arrive at your destination looking pulled together and these pieces are timeless – trust me!   In addition, one black pencil skirt, made of four season wool is a perfect look for all sizes, just make sure that the length, is just at your knee. no longer, particularly if you’re petite, and make sure the fit is a good one.   A pencil skirt should hug you in the right areas, but not so tight that it pulls.

Next time?   What to wear with these key three bottoms, until then, enjoy the next storm!

Please let us know your comments and thoughts! Please forward to a friend who may find this information helpful!

My Minimalist Closet

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