What? Another minimalist blog?

It's a Wonderful Life!

The first thing different about this blog is that I am a mid-life baby boomer who has lived a somewhat conventional life, I think of myself as a “mainstream” minimalist with an aesthetic perspective. I have been a clutter-free nut for over twenty years, but made significant lifestyle changes in 2005, when after much thought and introspection (and exhausting family, friends and colleagues with my inability to make a decision), I finally cut my ties with corporate America to pursue my dream…living, working, writing and playing on the beach.

As an aesthetic minimalist, I do live small…but I live very well in a 450 waterfront studio condo (view my home). As of today I have less than $3,000 remaining on my 30 year mortgage which I will succeed in paying off in only ten. I left a successful public relations career (and a hefty six figure salary) for a not-for-profit marketing position with a local theater and museum. Suffice to say, my current pay is about one quarter of what I used to make. I view my lifestyle change as if were early retirement…I find my current job not to be “work” ….more of a labor of passion…with benefits including health insurance, Flex Funds and a retirement savings plan…all very important for a single woman of my age.

Here’s the kicker…I am living my dream but, it took me over 25 years to get the courage to follow my heart. Like many women of my generation, we were executive career trailblazers…the first crop of female management to infiltrate the executive suites. I thought going up was the only direction and the further up I got, the less fulfilling it felt. But, still I persisted thinking the next promotion would be the fix to make me whole. It was not an easy climb, more than once I fell off the ladder…but always crawled my way back to the top. Many times I dreamed of packing it all in…to live my dream of being on the beach and writing. Even though I lived simply, I was afraid of change. Afraid of making a mistake. Afraid of losing what I had. It took a long time, but one day I woke up and jumped off the top rung and landed feet first firmly in the sand.

This blog is about how it is never, ever too late to  live the dream.

Morning in Montauk...The End of Long Island, NY

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